Our Legacy Resides Here



Since Anis Chbat Holding was founded decades ago, it brought development, innovation, investment and luxury into people’s life. Our roots are wedded in history, our success has made people’s life easier through the services we have been and linger to provide them with. As we grow together, striving for more success we also tend to do whatever it takes in order to reach out and fulfill everyone’s need in our domain of expertise.

Our Skills

We take pride in our heritage, it is what shapes our way of doing business, it is our strength and what makes us who we are today. Our ancestors’ business success story evolved within family blood to get bigger, honor their achievements and manage what they passionately garnered to have long triumphant path.

Core Business

Our core business is investment which consists of several sub companies where each of them handles a sector of expertise. We make responsible investment in our core business and in areas that add values to our environment, society and clients and this is what allows us to blossom and grow.